Entering the office at 8.30, making sure you are on time, otherwise you have to elaborate on the why. Once being in the office you start making calls, interview one candidate after the other. By the end of the day, you have spoken to 20 candidates, saw even more CV’s and warmed up your ear for 2 hours with the phone.

Now I hear you think…what is the point of doing this? Why do I have to deal with so many KPI’s?

If you want to become a good corporate recruiter, you have to be persistent, not being afraid to fail, fail again and again, because otherwise, you are not getting better/learning.

I strongly believe that a recruiter who is persistent/has the right mindset will become a good recruiter, I will explain to you why.

As a recruiter you have so many contact moments with the candidate, starting with the first initial intake. After this, you make an introduction for the candidate to the vacancy holder with your feedback (you are going to sell your candidate like you did when working for a recruitment agency because you believe this candidate is an addition to the company).

After this, you provide feedback to the candidate if he/she is invited for a first interview. When this is positive, you prepare the candidate for his interview. When doing this, you also get to know the candidate better, because he/she will show interest in specific parts of the job/company (culture, responsibilities, working from home policy, growth patch, etc.).

The interview went well, and you end up making an offer to the candidate (another contact moment). Since you already know the candidates’ current salary/salary expectation and other factors that will influence his/her decision you can highlight this in the offer.

What I want to say, try to have as many relevant contact moments with your candidate during the process, not only do you build a relationship you also get to know what is the most important a candidate is looking for when changing jobs.

It all comes to persistence to get the candidate on board with your company.

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